Thursday, November 5, 2009

internet safety

This post is purely about online safety. And hopefully, you're not being stupid like most teenagers... hopefully you're not posting pictures of you... -ahem- exposed self, or drinking, or tokin' up, or whatever you hooligans are up to these days. ;]

But if you are, then it's really too late to change it... Pictures [and everything else, for that matter], when posted on the internet, are there... Not just until you delete them, but until FOREVER. And typically, forever is a long time... unless you're talking about teenage relationships, but we're not are we? God, control your ADD and stay on topic...hehe... :]

But if you are one of the cool people that don't go out and puke every weekend and post it on Myspace or Facebook, then kudos to you. I'm one of those people that use online safety. And what else does this mean? It means don't give out your phone number over the internet. If you need to call someone and you don't know their number, ask someone who does. In real life. Otherwise don't bother because people can share phone numbers with people all over the world and before you know it, people from Japan are calling you to shoot the breeze. See for yourself. Go to Look up someone you know. You'll most likely find pictures of them, or their Facebook or Myspace link. You can find bunches of information about anyone you want to. And you can find people's phone number's even if they've never posted to the net. It's those other losers that share their number... which, I admit I do it a lot... but ohh well!

Anyway, I hope this post was informative enough for you to follow along with. And practice online safety please! Or else you might die! O.O okay, maybe it's not that intense. But okay! BYEBYE!