Friday, April 23, 2010

5 Really Awesome Bloggers

This weeks blogging challenge is the write about 5 amazing blogs... [challenge found here] There are really no blogs that compare to Seymour's. I was looking around for half the hour & all I found was pictures of fish & bad grammar. SOOOOOO... I decided to choose through the blogs that were from Seymour! :]

Beau's blog is amazing. Sure, it's only wasted space according to him... but Beau is an amazing person... He's depressed a lot, but usually 6th hour makes him happier... Usually. :]

Kody's blog is boring. But you know what? Kody is my friend & I love him. & he usually writes about some pretty cool stuff. So that's why I chose Kody. :] He's like my favorite Pokemon. :]

Samm is a responsible blogger. She always writes what she's supposed to write about for the blogging challenges & other in-class assignments. :] Mrs. Brogley should be very proud of Samm. She sometimes even writes about stuff that she doesn't need to... which is good, because that creates individuality. :] Go Samm!

Alyshia is an amazing writer, whether she's blogging, writing poems, or otherwise... I love her writing...

I chose Hannah because she always has something interesting to say... It's usually not an assignment or a blogging challege, but at least she keeps me interested in what she has to say. :] It makes me happy [okay, & sometimes sad] when she writes, because of the depth she uses. But she is an amazing writer.

Those are my opinions... & you better think the same way... or else... :] just kidding, I'm harmless. I don't bite... hard. ;]

Monday, April 12, 2010

creative commons licensing

This is a post for the BLOG CHALLENGE of March '10.

What are creative commons? This is a good question. I still don't fully understand it, but what I got from it was basically all of the copyrighting laws that are out there these days.
We are supposed to write about whether or not we deserve creative commons lisensing for our blogs.

My answer? No. Most of this, though it is our original work anyway, I believe is unimportant. If someone wants to copy me, by all means, BE MY GUEST! It's flattering, you know?

But if I'm putting up something like, deathly original, such as one of my many poems... I DON'T WANT PEOPLE TO COPY THAT! I'm proud of how I write & what I write about. If people are seriously that unoriginal that they feel it necisary to copy something that isn't theirs, by law or something of that sort, they should be punished. It's not my fault that the stuff I write about is so cool that you gotta copy it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Animal Farm set to Music

This is a movie I found that goes with our reading in English 10. We're still reading George Orwell's Animal Farm.

I picked this video because it's easy to understand & it's also entertaining because of the music... Follow the link, listen to the song, & I hope you like it.