Wednesday, October 28, 2009

happy halloween!

sooo ANYWAY, today it's like a dressup day for halloween & there's gunna be a costume contest at one point. i dressed up, but i doubt i'll be in the contest. like i really want people to be eyeing me up... :P

i just felt the need to say that. :D

yay! studying! for vocab test! ;]


Friday, October 23, 2009

this you GOTTA see!

This thing I found is awesome. I have NO idea where I found it, [I don't remember at all] but you can carve your own pumpkin & then when you click done, it'll put a virtual candle in it! :D It's awesome, & lotsa funn!



Thursday, October 22, 2009


Halloween is my favorite holiday because it seems like it's the only holiday that brings out happiness in my mom... she loves Halloween. I think it's because she likes scaring people... she decorates our house all out with my dad, inside & out, mostly out though. It scares my niece... but that's not saying much because she's scared by everything... I love her! :D

But I liked dressing up as something different then every day. I mean, you can't just get away with wearing a mask every day... People would make you take it off... Halloween gives people a chance to pretend to be someone different... a chance to really show people what they are... or aren't...

drive forever...

Another part of the blogging challenge this week is to say something or make up an imaginary holiday. Well... I'm going to have to think about this one because I'm really not in much of a creative mood, especially with Jed standing right behind me...

Hmm... but I'd have to say that my fantasy holiday would be just to go out and drive & never come back until I wanted to. I love to drive, & I'm pretty good at it, I think, & I just wanna be able to leave whenever I want... I want freedom...

dream vacation

So Mrs. Brogley gave us a good idea in class. That idea is to go on EXPEDIA for the blogging challenge this week. One part of the blogging challenge is to plan a dream vacation. So, I decided that I wanted to go to Australia. And since I know this probably won't happen anytime soon, I decided to go ALL OUT on this trip. Soooo... I decided that I will depart from a Green Bay airport on January 15th. This is a good day to go because I will have my license by then [December 29th is my road test!!!] so I'll be able to drive alone or with a friend! :D [& I am planning my trip for two 16-year-olds] Anyway, I decided that I'd come back that following Friday, which is the 22nd. It would take two days to get there, because as Kody pointed out, [cuz I'm not smart enough to figure it out on my own] I'd be crossing an international time line or something like that... soooo... yeah!

So now I had to find a hotel... let's see here... I found Medina Executive North Ryde to be a good choice. And the rates were $1735 per person. That's a LOT. The total price of this trip so far is $6938... Oh, how I wish I had that much money just laying around somewhere. ;]

So that's my dream vacation... of course, I'd have to bring extra money cuz I'm not just gonna sit at a hotel for a week, soo... yeah, hope you enjoyed reading!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

i'm a BAD writer.

But for once, BAD doesn't mean bad. It means blog action day. And this years topic to discuss is climate change. But what is climate change?

Climate change is the change in our weather patterns that are occuring because of an incrase in the Earth's average temperature. We're losing the ozone layer. That's not good because the ozone layer protects us and our skin but we're still acting stupidly. It's like our world doesn't even care that we're slowly killing ourselves. Not that I'm really doing anything to stop it either. But still... I think everyone else should care so I don't have to. And no one else cares. So, what am I forced to do? I'll join the blogging challege & blog action day, Mrs. Brogley. So WHOO HOO! So the ozone layer is disappearing because we keep burning fossil fuels. And what are fossil fuels? They are coal, oil, & natural gas. And they are NON-RENEWABLE. That's a big clue right there that you shouldn't be using all of them up. So what the heck is everybody's problem?!?! It's not that hard to follow one simple rule, but I guess it is. And now, because of that, we're gonna kill all the polar bears!!!!!! AHHHH!!!

But why are the polar beats going byebye? Well, they could be extinct within 100 years if the climate change continues to melt the North Pole's ice. And guess what? This ice is supposed to be permenant? So why is it melting? Because WE KEEP BURNING OFF ALL THE WORLDS NON-RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES! Makes me wanna SCREAM. So I'm ranting in this blog for blog action day. So thanks for reading, before I go any further.

But how is this affecting us, and why should we care? Well, lemme ask you this: DO YOU WANNA DIE?!?!?! Not to sound mean, or weird, or like a creeper or anything. But seriously. We're gonna die. Or we're gonna get asthma. All of us. Because of the fossil fuel emissions that are killing the Earth and killing US. Because guess what, guys? WE LIVE ON EARTH. I know, I never would've guessed. I thought we lived like, on Pluto or something & we didn't have to worry about this. But we do. But it would be nice if we could stop this wouldn't it? Well... I don't really think we can stop this, but we can slow it down... -ish... You can put more clothes on if your cold instead of turning your heat on. But if you DO have the heat on like the sane people you are, then DON'T OPEN THE WINDOWS IF YOUR HOT, YOU FREAK! Shed a layer, or don't sleep with so many blankets on... Or like, get a fan to circulate the air. But don't open the window because that's just wasting the heat and wasting your parents money, & we already know how crappy the economy is these days... so stop it. You can use weather stripping around your doors. Don't ask me what that is, but you can ask your parents like the article told me to do & you'll figure it out eventually... And shrink wrap your windows so it keeps the heat in... Don't turn on the air conditioner in the summer unless you can't take the heat anymore & you're sweating bullets. And use public transportation, or just WALK.I know, that's a scary thought when we can drive now [at least most of us can] but come on, dude... Don't let your car idle because that releases extra unneeded crap into the air. And that's NOT good.

So I hope you take this into consideration. & you better have. Or I'll hunt you down... just kidding... I'll let the world take care of that for you...


Monday, October 5, 2009


This week's blog challege is post an intrest in our blog & elaborate on why we're interested in it, & provide pictures & all that good stuff...

Anyway, I like to write. I like writing people's stories for them. The biggest reason I like reading is because it gives me the ability to say or do whatever I want and know that is was my fault. :]

So, I post a few things on this one awesome site, Protagonize.
Follow the link HERE to my profile there. I have one story posted [that I'm still working on at the moment] & also one poem.

Another cool site that you can go on for writers is Booksie. I haven't posted anything on there yet [I just recently joined] but I'm looking forward to it. :] Follow a link HERE.

Okay, have fun now! <3

Friday, October 2, 2009

happy almost-birthday kodyy! :P

One more day until Kodyy is as old as me! :P

Sorry, I just figured I'd say something.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

15 random facts!

Me & Kody got this idea from reading other people's blogs! :D
  • I'm really picky.
  • I can type really fast
  • I'm still stuck with dial-up on my computer at home.
  • I just finally got into the loop & have a cellphone, with unlimited texting<33
  • I'm actually a genius, but I don't try as hard as I should. I just go with the flow.
  • It's all good in the hood.
  • I just recently kicked the habit of wearing a hoodie every day, but it's coming back to haunt me!!
  • I HATE PREPS, except for Kodyy! :P
  • I HATE city people. I LOVE COUNTRY PEOPLE! Except for Kodyy. :P
  • I like being outside, but I'm usually on my computer.
  • Music is the reason I'm still alive. [Ready to Fall-Rise Against]
  • I actually enjoy school, for the most part.
  • I'm bi, but don't think of me any differently! I'm just as cool as you! :P

what i have learned from the blogging challenge bloggers

I haven't learned much from them, other than that they are pretty much all like Americans, too.

This blogging challege is kind of stupid...
Is this trying to teach us something, or what?
Cuz I'm not learning much...
Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today...?