Friday, April 23, 2010

5 Really Awesome Bloggers

This weeks blogging challenge is the write about 5 amazing blogs... [challenge found here] There are really no blogs that compare to Seymour's. I was looking around for half the hour & all I found was pictures of fish & bad grammar. SOOOOOO... I decided to choose through the blogs that were from Seymour! :]

Beau's blog is amazing. Sure, it's only wasted space according to him... but Beau is an amazing person... He's depressed a lot, but usually 6th hour makes him happier... Usually. :]

Kody's blog is boring. But you know what? Kody is my friend & I love him. & he usually writes about some pretty cool stuff. So that's why I chose Kody. :] He's like my favorite Pokemon. :]

Samm is a responsible blogger. She always writes what she's supposed to write about for the blogging challenges & other in-class assignments. :] Mrs. Brogley should be very proud of Samm. She sometimes even writes about stuff that she doesn't need to... which is good, because that creates individuality. :] Go Samm!

Alyshia is an amazing writer, whether she's blogging, writing poems, or otherwise... I love her writing...

I chose Hannah because she always has something interesting to say... It's usually not an assignment or a blogging challege, but at least she keeps me interested in what she has to say. :] It makes me happy [okay, & sometimes sad] when she writes, because of the depth she uses. But she is an amazing writer.

Those are my opinions... & you better think the same way... or else... :] just kidding, I'm harmless. I don't bite... hard. ;]

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